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Strategic Communications Services

Effective communication is key to successful business transformation, the implementation of key leadership or business objectives, increased employee productivity and the successful marketing of new products and services. Thus, the strategic communications services that The Huntington Northstar Group provides to clients are a critical and natural complement to the capabilities the firm provides in the areas of coaching, consulting and facilitation.

The Huntington Northstar Group is frequently called on to help produce communications plans and deliverables to support a wide range of corporate and organizational goals and objectives. These include:

  • Business Transformation
  • Marketing Strategy Execution
  • Brand Building
  • Employee Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Media Outreach
  • Corporate Communications
  • Thought Leadership Initiatives

A mong the high-end communications products and services The Huntington Northstar Group creates are:

  • Corporate Communications Plans
  • Marketing Strategies
  • “Thought leadership” materials such as books, articles and Op-Ed pieces for placement in the business and trade press
  • Executive Interviews
  • Business Videos
  • Meeting Openers
  • DVD’s
  • CDs
  • Website components
  • Video-based training and trade show materials
  • Narration Tracks

The firm also provides services in the areas of:

  • Corporate/Organizational Communications Audits
  • Communications Coaching for Executives
  • Media Coaching for Executives
Recent projects include:

Book Development

The conception, development and writing of three business books on the topics of leadership and change in collaboration with partners of IBM Business Consulting Services and PwC Consulting. The Huntington Northstar Group works closely with the New York City-based Doris S. Michaels Literary Agency, to bring book concepts to publishers. (See Publications)

Ever considered writing a book to increase your firm's visibility?

The Huntington Northstar Group works closely with the Doris S. Michaels Literary Agency in New York to bring book ideas to publishers. Click to learn more about becoming a published book author using our services.

Article Development and Placement

Development and placement of dozens of articles in professional journals, trade publications, and business magazines. (Click here)


CEO/Leadership Interviews

  • In-depth video interviews conducted with numerous CEOs in the United States and Europe. Project was conducted for a global consulting firm and focused on showcasing business best practices in the areas of change leadership, leadership development and Six Sigma implementation. (See Images)
  • In-depth video interviews with CEOs of Boston-based global companies conducted as part of a video co-venture with Harvard Business School.
  • Video interviews with several prominent civil rights leaders on the occasion of the 75 th anniversary of a major human rights organization.

Richard interviews Xerox's Chief Marketing Officer.

DVD and CD Production

Creation of several DVD’s and CD-ROM's on business leadership, used in corporate training programs and in executive presentations before industry groups such as Linkage and The Conference Board.



Video Production

  • A 10-minute promotional video for a major civil rights organization, headquartered in Washington, DC.
  • A 10-minute “kick-off” video, produced as part of a national industry conference in Washington, DC.
  • A 12-minute marketing video produced for a leading British- based accounting firm.
  • A 30-second promotional spot used by a corporate client at a major trade show.

Website Development

Creation of two interactive corporate websites that used audio and video clips from CEO interviews to showcase business best practices in the areas of leadership and quality improvement.


You may want to consider using the Strategic Communications Services of The Huntington Northstar Group to help your organization:

  • Create high-end thought leadership materials such as books, monographs and business articles
  • Produce high-quality corporate videos, CD’s and DVD’s for corporate communications or training uses
  • Create high-impact customer testimonials for use as part of sales events, client education days, and other business meetings
  • Promote your CEO's message and mission to external stakeholders (e.g. shareholders, analysts, and the business press) and to internal stakeholders (employees and managers)
  • Enhance the quality, speed, and effectiveness of large-gauge corporate transformation efforts
  • Improve corporate communications programs, bolster employee morale, and accelerate new learning inside your organization
  • Create high impact employee training and leadership development programs
Each corporate and marketing communications project The Huntington Northstar Group undertakes begins with an initial client consultation and a determination of specific client/project needs.


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