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"As a facilitator and team coach, Rick is engaging, prepared, and great at getting groups to focus on goals and critical priorities.  He's very skilled at forging consensus among people, and getting them to address tough issues in practical, actionable ways.  Finally, he's excellent at building effective teams by helping team members strengthen their interpersonal relationships.  For all these reasons, our last team retreat benefited greatly from Rick's artful facilitation!"     

Anita Bhatia
Senior Manager
International Finance Corporation/World Bank Group Washington, DC


Leadership Team Facilitation

Richard (Rick) Koonce is an accomplished consultant and team facilitator who has worked with executives and business teams in the United States, Asia, India, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. His robust approach to consulting and team development is based on his extensive experience as an organizational consultant, and as a keen observer of organizational culture and leadership behavior for many years.

Rick has designed and facilitated strategic planning and teambuilding programs for a wide range of clients including the World Bank, IBM, Dow Chemical, PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting and the United States Postal Service.

He has also designed and facilitated numerous corporate and organizational retreats.


Specific Services

Richard focuses his team leadership facilitation services in the following areas:

  • Team Building & Team Coaching
  • Strategic Vision and Mission Development
  • Corporate Leadership Retreats
  • Organizational Board Retreats and Workshops

Each of Richard's client engagements begins with an initial phone consultation or on-site assessment, to determine project needs and specific deliverables. Click HERE for more information on Richard's approach to and philosophy about leadership facilitation.


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