Richard Koonce is president of The Huntington Northstar Group. An accomplished consultant, facilitator, and coach who has worked with a wide variety of business and organizational clients, Mr. Koonce brings an unusually rich and unique background to his work in the leadership, coaching and organization development (OD) arenas.

As a senior contract consultant to PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting for many years, he spent a great deal of time interviewing many of the world’s leading CEOs as they led major transformation initiatives, large-scale process redesign efforts, company-wide leadership development activities, and strategic six sigma projects. His work as a business journalist and organizational consultant has been highlighted in more than 150 articles and radio commentaries. It has also been featured in four books including Growing Leaders (co-authored with Steve Yearout and Gerry Miles) and Strategic Six Sigma: Best Practices from the Executive Suite (co-authored with Dick Smith and Jerry Blakeslee).

Richard has also worked extensively as a change management consultant to companies and organizations. He has facilitated strategic mission and vision workshops with senior leadership teams, helped organizations articulate and execute their marketing strategies, and assisted key executives in implementing communications and transition plans as part of large-scale business transformation and restructuring efforts.

Richard’s approach to executive coaching is based on an artful blend of skills honed both as a senior business consultant and as an observer and analyst of organizational behavior for many years. He supplements this with use of carefully selected leadership case studies, reflective listening, and tools such as The Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the Burke-Litwin Model of Change Management. His ability to ask probing and insightful questions, to challenge individuals, and to build rapport with clients have been the basis of his professional effectiveness, not only as a consultant and coach but also as an interviewer and business communicator.

Over the course of a 25-year business career, Richard has worked closely with leading academics, including change management theorist and practitioner, W. Warner Burke, Ph.D. of Teacher’s College, Columbia University and Professor John Quelch, D.B.A., Senior Associate Dean of Harvard Business School. He co-authored a major book on change leadership with Dr. Burke, entitled Business Climate Shifts: Profiles of Change Makers, and co-interviewed a number of the world's leading CEOs with Dr. Quelch as part of a major book project.

Prior to his work as a change management and leadership development consultant, Richard served as Vice President of two HR consulting and executive transition firms in Washington, DC -- EnterChange and Manchester. His responsibilities included delivery of executive transition and career coaching services to executives of all levels, as well as the design and delivery of career transition workshops to hundreds of non-executive employees in a wide variety of occupations and industries.

Richard and his family live in Philadelphia, PA.